With his style claiming such titles as Space Country and Psychedelic Soul, Zechariah Lloyd is a new face bringing a refreshing sound to authentic Blues. Born in Choctaw territory of North Mississippi—raised on cornbread and Jesus by a drummer and  piano player in the south-delta regions of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Being a drummer first, he cut his teeth learning drums on Zeppelin, Skynyrd, and Molly Hatchet records he found in his uncle's old collection. After high school, he set out west, ending up in Alaska for work and popped back up in North Mississippi a year later with an acoustic guitar, long hair, and some new sounds.While developing his own thing on guitar, he steadily worked within the music scene as a drummer.

Some artists that he has shared the stage with are: Eric Deaton, Davis Coen, Garry, Duwayne, and Kent Burnside, Kenny Brown, Cameron Kimbrough, RIchard Johnston, Blind Mississippi Morris, Bill "Howlin Mad" Perry, Rob Jungklas, national touring act Bret Mosley. In July of 2013, he shared the bill with the legendary Johnny Winter at the Oxford Blues Festival. His major influences: Andy Mckee, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Led Zeppelin, The Derek Trucks Band, Allman Brothers, Jose Gonsalez, John Mayer, Junior Kimbrough, RL Burnside, Mississippi Fred Mcdowell and the North Mississippi All Stars.